Dina Negm is an Egyptian-British artist who lives in Cambridge, UK. Since graduating from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Cairo, she has experimented with different materials and creative concepts. Dina’s paintings explore the complexity of Egyptian identity.

Like most Egyptians living abroad, Dina’s love and yearning for her home land has been the soulful inspiration behind her work.

In Dina’s art, we can see creative remnants echoing from Africa, Arabia, traditional arts, and the local Egyptian palate. It reflects the charming identity of tradition, pride, passion, sensuality, liveliness, and family values.

Drawing from motifs that belong to her home country, Dina’s poignantly exciting palette explores her roots and what it means to be living away from home.

As Dina has expressed in her own words, her unique technique was inspired, by those solitary moments of looking out a rainy British window. Each rain drop reflected a blurry, nostalgic image of her home, Egypt.

Her memories are in her paintings; which are a beloved Reflection of her Nile. A culture she proudly nostalgiates.